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Rocks...beautiful, natural, unique, powerful and Reiki charged!

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, people have had an unquenchable love for all that glitters. According to many ancient cultures (such as the Hopi Indians, the Hawaiian, and the Chinese), crystals and gems have the power to heal. People who believe in crystal healing say that it can act as a remedial (healing) force and that it can bring about positive changes in one’s life.


Precisely what does this practice involve? Crystals, effectively, are rocks and are also the basis of our foundation in life. As everything is energy, everything in life has a frequency or vibration, from rocks to humans. There is potential of healing with crystals because they allow energy to flow amongst these vibrations and frequencies.

When crystals connect with a person and they are used together in a healing session, they will resonate or vibrate a frequency. What that does is amplifies any intention applied. Crystals assist and facilitate in the healing process by will entraining vibrations across to you [the client]. Whatever is placed as an intention will turn around to be manifested.


Natural, energetic crystals are incorporated into MAC's energy healing sessions. All crystals used are cleansed prior to the each session with sage/palo santo and/or filtered water and charged in the sun/moonlight. Crystal sets that are used in session are also available for purchase, and will hold the session's energy. All crystals that are available for purchase have been ethically sourced, cleansed, and Reiki charged.


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