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inHarmony Sound Lounge...

nothing short of amazing.


Our inHarmony Vibro-Acoustic Sound Lounge will transport you into a fully immersive meditative state like you’ve never felt before. You’ll hear and feel vibrations through headphones and the tactile transducers that are built into the Sound Lounge itself. It is the is the ultimate soothing experience!

Healing Frequencies – The frequencies of the music and vibration have a significant impact on the body and the mind. It takes about 22 minutes for the chemical cascades to be triggered and the therapeutic power to be felt. Frequencies can be used to induce different brainwave states rapidly, the effects can last for days. This technology can be used to both activate and stimulate, or calm and relax. The benefits are endless!

*Reduce stress & anxiety – become more present in your day to day life.

*Improve sleep & mood – so you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go.

*Relieve chronic muscle tension & chronic pain – a great solution for post-workout soreness or recurring injury.

*Increase focus & mental clarity – finally lose the distractions, clear your mind and become more aligned with your true self.

Every cell in your body will tingle with the magic of this technology. Perfect for all ages and walks of life!

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